Glam Toys

Marquis YachtsThe Marquis Yachts - 500 may not be as Glamorous as the Sunseeker Yachts but those that want a unique motor yacht experience, this is definitely a close second. No main floor powder room but a wonderful glazed walls that will allow for incredible views while cruising Lake Michigan or the Chicago River. It is certainly more personally navigable than the larger Sunseeker Yacht but offers a unique three engine design with incredible "joystick" maneuvering.

Rolls RoyceEver since I was in my early teens and used to watch Gene Barry as Jacob Burke in Burke's Law being chauffeured in his "bustle backed" Rolls Royce Spirit, I have always been hoping for the day that I would own my own Rolls Royce. Now, for people like me, there is a personal sized Rolls Royce known as the Rolls Royce Ghost. It is the smaller brother of the Rolls Royce Phantom and gives one the option of personal driving pleasure as opposed to the grandeur of the chauffeur driven Phantom. Some day I am going to own my own Rolls Royce Ghost!

Net Jets PhotoWhen I was in High School, I belonged to the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary to the US Air Force. During my 4 years of being a Cadet, I soloed in Gliders, I piloted Jet Bell Helicopters, I flew in a variety of single and multi-engine propeller planes but always wanted to know what it would be to fly in a private jet. Even though I can't afford my own private jet, with NetJets, there has never been a better time to try this fantastic way of traveling, whether chartering a flight or owning your own private jet, NetJets makes it a breeze. No more endless lines at major airports or waiting on the tarmac for the airspace to clear up. This is the life!!